About Eve

Eve Rosenberg is the Founder of Lessons Learned In Love Coaching and People Pleasers Reform Academy. Eve’s book, “Your Happy Life Realized – How to Stop Putting Others First and Yourself Last NOW!” was released in December 2018.

As an avid People Pleaser for decades, Eve dispels the myths that keep us bound to please others to the detriment of our bodies, souls and spirits. This has a direct impact on our toxic relationships and the lack of bonding with ourselves. Learn about the dangers of People Pleasing and how to stop for good.

Eve is impeccably trained, as an Emotional Wellness Coach, by best-selling author and renowned Transformational Teacher, the late, Debbie Ford.

Doing inner self-discovery work is very healing and it leads women to connect deeply with themselves in a liberating, empowering way so that the challenges that once hindered us can be used to uplift us into the lives we say we desire. In addition, we will attract different, healthy and positive experiences that will enhance our self-esteem and support us in taking risks that are required in an ever-changing world.

I don’t know where I would be today, if I didn’t look within myself and heal the wounds that kept me in a constant state of fear and feeling empty. My journey inward, took me to my heart and soul, which paved the pathway to my passion. Today, I love my life and I love myself. My relationships with others are thriving and I experience more love in my life each day.